Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Garden

AJ and I have been working a lot in our garden, and it's really starting to produce lots of produce! I finally remembered to get some pictures tonight, so I thought I'd put them up here where I could actually caption them. 
First off, our rainbow... I've never lived anywhere where we get so many! 

A view of the tomatoes, with our cucumber trellis in the background.  
An itty bitty, doll-sized pepper.

 Nascent tomatoes. 

 The very first beans of the season. 
 Our peas, almost done for the season. 
 AJ, looking like a goofball. 


A giant daikon, not even fully grown! 

The cucumber trellis, with lettuce underneath. 

Potatoes and onions, Irish favorites! 


The rotating composters, and a look toward the other part of the garden, where we've got itty bitty corn and watermelon sprouts. Hope they make it before the first frost, we were pretty late getting them in. 
Also planted but not pictured: tomatillos, spinach, arugula (now past), scallions, and assorted herbs.