Thursday, May 25, 2006


All I can do is quote a song, and name a place. And that is all.
"I've got a peaceful, easy feeling..."
and Sterling Divinity Quadrangle.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

little things

I discovered today what I really need to live on. The list isn't too long...

~books. Thank God for books.
~a fridge that I can supply with half-decent food. For example, I could live for a long time on the contents of my current larder:
--peanut butter
--fruit (currently, apples, kiwis and dried apricots)
~some form of rewarding human contact (provided today only by talking to my dad...)

Ideally, I would also have baseball on the radio. Which I do have, so that's good. Also cards would be nice.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Campus is empty now, essentially. There are a bunch of people outside, but they all work here. Campus needs to be cleaned rapidly-- the time between commencement and reunions is probably hard-core cleaning time. Campus sparkled for commencement, but the aftermath isn't pretty. And the stage still has to come down and the giant tent that essentially covers all of Old Campus needs to be finished. All the seniors are gone, with the exception of those few who aren't leaving at all. I ran into Christina and Nick on the way back from Shaw's, so I know they're still here. And Errol should be here still... maybe a few others.
I wish I could go home. I know I'll probably be disappointed when I do, after having wanted to go home for so long. But still... Real food again.... I did buy myself good things at Shaws, though. Like kiwi, cucumber, salad, and salami. Yummy! And look! veggies! Rock!
Fortunately, my room is empty at the moment. I did see one other girl who'll be living here. She seemed uninterested in introducing herself, despite my introduction. She isn't here now... And the other girl, I met at commencement for a few seconds. So far, that's all. I have no roommate at the moment, though I think I am supposed to at some point. It would be really nice not to have one, but that's almost certainly wishful thinking.
I'm all moved in again, probably too much so, considering it all has to be elsewhere by this time next week. I did ship one box home today... 24 pounds of things not to worry about for a while. I have at the very least one more box to go home, and a few that ideally will stay in New Haven somewhere...
Mmm. Now, I'm going to see if I can't find the Yankees game on the radio and read and munch on something sort of healthy. Hurray!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Give that goat the people's elbow

So, my new favorite website: Freshman Sketch. It's the low video quality version of our freshman sketch for the band movie this year. The first ever screening of said movie was late last night (preceded by liquid picnic-- quite a sight!), and we got hearty applause for our work. The feedback from it so far is that it far and away outdoes '08 (as expected-- we all would have been very sad if it hadn't-- actually, they aren't even in the same league. Hell, the same sport...) And, more to the point, even '07s are telling us that we matched them, even if they won't admit that we outdid them. But we so did. :-) It is really funny.
And commencement was today. It's kind of funny, thinking that all my junior friends are actually my senior friends now, and that my senior friends are actually alums, and won't be here at all in the fall (except for Errol! Thank God for Errol!). I've never been to a football game without Doug. And goodness knows there are so many others who I'm not mentioning by name, but people I wish I knew better, because I know them to be awesome, but I'm not really close enough to them to think that a) we'd get any closer, and b) that we'd ever stay in touch.
On a happier note, I wish them all the best, and I'm pleased because I earned a lot of money today for being an usher. Sweet.
Deadweek is sadly drawing to a close, and now I have the unfortunate experience of watching all my friends leave to go start their summers for real while I hang around here for another whole week. I want to go home! I want to be with my family! I want Chicago! And damn it all, I NEED REAL FOOD!!!!!!
I am going to go shopping tomorrow after moving. I'm going to buy veggies! It's going to be great.
I still have to figure out what I am doing with all my stuff. I have far too much of it, and a lot of it unexpectedly needs to stay here now. Le sigh.
Well, I'm back to band central to hang out for a while.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Deadweek begins

So, here I am, sitting in BC72. AGAIN. I lived here all year. Then yesterday, I moved all my stuff into the basement so it wouldn't get rained on until they told me where I was living for deadweek. Then they threatened to throw it all out if it wasn't out of the basement instantly. So, I moved it back to Chris' suite in D. Then I got my room assignment, in L-dub, all the way on the other side of Old Campus and easily the worst housing at Yale. *cry*
So I moved everything over there. It took a long time.
I went to go get my L-dub key. I stood in a long line. Heavyweight crew guys made fun of me. I got to the front of the line. I identified myself, she put her hand on my key. "Can I see your Yale ID please?" Me: shit! Jason! "Does it have to be my Yale ID? I lent my Yale ID to a friend so he could move. Can my drivers license work?" "Um, sorry, no. It must be your Yale ID."
So, then I had to hunt Jason down, get my ID back (only to give it back to him a few minutes later).
Then I moved into L-dub.
Then I came back to Bingham, where everybody was. Hudson looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told him.
But he promised me that there would be a place for me to sleep over here if we looked hard enough. And he was right. Because here I am, living in my same suite until someone kicks me out. Which I am really hoping isn't going to happen.
Steve is in my bed. He contines to make creepy jokes about all the things he has done/will do with my poor, innocent mattress.
I am in Amy's bed, and I think she's a little unhappy about that, because she is living in Vandy. It's right next door, but it isn't the same building. Sigh.
Tonight we get to film! I get to dance and wear a fancy dress. It's going to be sweet. We also have to get together and start writing the script for the freshman sketch. Steve and I kind of appropriated that, and Rosa and Rita are in charge of the party I guess. We need to get on that too....
And Andrew and I get to start with the bridge lessons soon. We have a lot of people who've expressed interest. It's actually kind of daunting. But I'm looking forward to it, and we always need more bridge players in this world!!