Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Project 365: Day 60 (filler picture!)

Ok, readers. This picture is a cop-out. I know that. See, what really happened is this: The picture I'd been intending for today has been in my mind for over a week. It's at work, on my desk. It's fitting, if not compositionally striking. So, I brought my camera to work, as I bring it everywhere. But the battery died. So I brought it home at lunch, changed the batteries, and went back to work leaving the working camera on my desk. Oops! Anyway, I will get this picture, though it will not be taken today. Instead, I give you everything I'm taking with me to Mexico.

Which gives me a great segway to this-- I'm going to Mexico! I'm not taking my old crappy camera with me, so I'll be snapping away on AJ's camera. This means that you should not expect any more posts until Tuesday, July 7 at the very earliest, and perhaps later. And Mexico pictures may be somewhat delayed by the minor fact that they'll be on AJ's camera, and headed to Ithaca and not New Haven after we head back stateside. But! The pictures will be great, I promise!

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