Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project 365: Day 365

Hard to believe this is it!! What a year. I'm really glad I took so many photos (at least when I had a camera to take them...) I managed to preserve a lot of memories and good times, mixed in with a bunch of average life and some snapshots of random things in my environment.
There was sometimes a mentality of "oh! I'll save that for later, I already got my photo for today." I never quite managed to shake that, though I did try, after a few times the earlier photo wasn't as good, or as clear as I'd hoped it would be. I've learned to carry my camera with me at all time (Be Prepared, as I learned in Girl Scouts), which has been great. I've managed to get a lot of impromptu things, and capture snapshots that wouldn't exist otherwise.
I also hope I've entertained you this year-and-some with my photos. I never claimed to be a professional or artistic photographer, and thanks for enduring my blurry, shaky, poorly composed, or outright boring work.  I think I did get a bit better with photos this year, though the improvement could have been greater.
As for the future, I think I'll keep blogging when and if I feel like it. Don't go away, keep me in your blog feeds or whatever, but I'm not going to promise another year's worth of posts!

The large pit right next to the NES study room, complete with very noisy machines, lots of dirt, and hot humid sweltering air. Perfect environment for trying to get papers written!

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JJJ said...

um HELLO where are all the congrats from your many fans???


I think you know I personally viewed every photo. how will I ever keep up with your life now? ack!