Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Project 365: Day 86

My lovely ex-wife planned a lovely little get together at Richters to sort of celebrate and sort of mourn my immanent departure from New Haven. It was fun; half-price half-yards all around!!
Also, Bill took this AMAZING photo, which might be my favorite ever:


JJJ said...

why Do I let that man touch a camera? :) He spends far more time 'being creative' than actually taking useful photos. love the nice one of us though. yay!

JJJ said...

also, in the Bill one, you can see my body language communicating, "What the heck are you doing just take a normal one!"

he is cute though. so there's that.

Captain Kickstand said...

Hey, I think that was actually a mistake--unless it is 'creative' in which case, of course it was entirely intentional.