Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Temporary photo-project hiatus

It is with great pain that I have to say that I am putting the Project 365 on a temporary hiatus. My nice camera is still in the shop (grr! They told me I'd have it by now! It's been there over a month!) I had been using my old camera, an ancient early digital. But it progressed from being a bit slow and clunky to eating batteries faster than Barry Bonds takes steroids to (also like Barry Bonds) being utterly uncooperative and a total jerk. It doesn't turn on much now, even with fresh batteries, and freezes like old operating systems when it bothers to turn on.
Thus, until my real camera comes back, I can not sustain a picture a day. Several days would have already have to be "cheats"; since AJ went back to Ithaca with his normally functioning camera, it's been very hard to make photos happen. I'll resume my day count when I have a working camera again, so you will still get 365 days of photos. (I know how worried you all were!)
You haven't missed much-- a few more dull photos of the library or my books, or of the near constant rain or thick clouds of fruit flies that have moved into BHouse. I'll be calling the camera place tomorrow and demanding my camera back, or that they replace it if they don't feel like sending it back to me.

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